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A Brief History of Burgess Road Surgery

1920's to 1950's

In the 1920's Dr Seymour practiced as a GP in a single handed surgery above 222 Burgess Road. Dr MacDonagh was a GP on Langhorn Road at about the same time. In the 1930's Dr MacDonagh was called up to the Army during the 2nd World War. Dr Seymour continued the practice for Dr MacDonagh. At the end of the war Dr MacDonagh returned and continued in his separate practice.

Southampton Bargate
by Frank Riddle

1950's to 1960's

In 1958 Dr Seymour retired and Dr White took over the practice.

In 1961 Dr Adcock took over Langhorn Road from Dr MacDonagh. He developed arrangements with Dr White and with Stoneham Lane surgery.

In 1965 Dr White moved from 222 Burgess Road to 230 Burgess Road.

The Royal Pier


In 1970 Dr White and Dr Adcock formed a partnership and worked from 230 Burgess Road.

In 1974 Dr Goodall joined the Burgess Road Surgery. In 1976 Dr White left the practice leaving Dr Adcock and Dr Goodall to continue at 230 Burgess Road.

In 1978 Dr Thaker joined Dr Adcock and Dr Goodall.

Southampton Civic Centre
by Andrew McDonald


In 1981 the premises at 230 Burgess Road were expanded.

In 1989 Dr Goodall left and he was replaced by Dr Dave.

Mansbridge, Swaythling, Southampton
by Dave Jacobs


In 1990 Dr Adcock retired after practising at Burgess Road Surgery for nearly 30 years.

In 1991 Dr Thaker and Dr Dave were joined by Dr Bhatt. The 3 doctors continued in the practice at 230 Burgess Road until 1998.

In 1998 Burgess Road Surgery moved premises to the present purpose built premises at 357a Burgess Road. The premises had previously been a church hall of St Albans church which is still physically attached to the Surgery.

In 1998 Dr Angela Hall joined the Surgery as a GP assistant.

Woodmill Bridge, Southampton. 
by Gary Reggae


In year 2000 Dr Angela Hall joined Dr Thaker, Dr Dave and Dr Bhatt as a partner.

In 2014 Dr Thaker retired. Dr Gabi and Dr Shetty joined Burgess Road Surgery.

In 2018 Dr Dave retired. Dr Hunter and Dr Cooper joined Burgess Road Surgery.

Burgess Road Surgery